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Popular on-line videos:

Professional secular "Programming of Life" (2012 Telly Award winner for best educational video), with 140,000 online views

Secular recorded Presentation "Programming of Life and It's Prerequisites" 

"Science Christians Need to Know" (studio)


Printable Christian flyers are:
  Scientific Arguments to Battle Undirected Naturalism: 1-side 4X6 (photo) 8.5X11 4X
      Note: glossy photo paper back may require restricked ink flow (ink "spreads")
  Study Guide for Christian Leaders and Parents for PoL & PN&NP books

Popular printable Secular flyers are:
  US Failure in Science Education is a National Security Issue
  Why is it that "The quality of our math and science education lags behind many other nations." 
  Unprecedented Time-Critical Opportunity for Scientific Integrity

Don's  Christian PoL or Secular Website   Us Science Page 

Presentations have been made in the US (from coast-to-coast) and on most continents, in both churches (approximately a dozen different denominations) and universities (secular and religious), as well as unusual places, such as a campground.

Programming of Life: Book  "Awesome" video 4 minutes of excerpts  video Presentation PDF, Programming of Life and its Prerequisites  PDF  The following was distributed by a pastor to his congregation:  received a video a while ago entitled "The Programming of Life". It's a wonderful video about the miracle of the living cell and how improbable it would be for a cell to randomly appear. My family and I enjoyed it very much, since one of my kids was studying cell structure. However, not knowing very much about cellular biology, I asked a molecular biologist to review it. He told me that he thought it was both intellectually honest and wonderfully thought provoking. The video can be found on youtube... but it is 44 minutes long. It certainly helped me appreciate that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. ( ) Perhaps it will be a blessing to you.  Radio interview on DVD

Intro to Creation, Evolution, & Science Facts 6-Part Series (Winter '09) PDF

  • Part 2 -- Mass and Energy: Origin and Fine-Tuning PDF
  • Part 3 -- Life and It's Origin PDF
  • Part 4 -- Evolution, species, and "kinds" PDF
  • Part 5 -- The flood, catastrophism, fossils, and time PDF
  • Part 6 -- Scientific Reliability of the Bible PDF

Calvary Chapel of Wilmington (CCW): "The Word" presentation  6/12/10 PDF YouTube clip (also below).  Don's testimony (1st part of video). Speaking tours (see detailed description below)

  • Several times: "Science Christians Need to Know" video PDF  
  • 5/21/11 Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, -- "The Unexplainable Interactive Computer Systems in Life": video PDF
  • 9/10/10 UNCW  "Bio-Informatics: the Information in Life": Handout  video
  • Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona engagements: Nov 14-17, 2011 "Programming of Life" PDF
  • SoCal tour:  2/14-2/28 "Programming of Life and Its Prerequisites" recorded PDF
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God's Creative and Sustaining Word from Don Johnson on Vimeo.

 Please copy and forward this to anyone you think may be interested. I am currently planning to be in the Pacific Northwest until Oct, 2013. If there is sufficient interest, I may travel to other areas, also (including Europe).  Presentations can be tailored to specific audience needs. They can be made without any explicit reference to intelligent design (e.g. in venues that would resist ID. See for more details on me and my books, as well as links to presentations.. The books are a concise refutation of undirected natural processes as the cause of nature, using over 350 references. They are totally secular, using only empirical and known science to prove that physicality can’t explain what is observed. No claim is made as to the identity of the agent of design or programming, which is a philosophical or theological belief (as opposed to empirical science). As such, the books are totally non-religious, and would be appropriate for secular schools or other venues. single 50-minute session to several hours over multiple sessions, and can be tailored for groups from junior high to professional scientists. "Standard" presentations include:

  1. Programming of Life (based on my book that highlights life’s information and processing systems)
  2. Does Naturalism Supply Sufficient Evidence for "Apparently-Designed" Artifacts?
  3. Intelligent Design: Science or Religion?
  4. Thanks for helping get the word out!


    Bio: Don Johnson has earned Ph.D.s in both Computer & Information Sciences from the University of Minnesota and in Chemistry from Michigan State University. He was a senior research scientist for 10 years in pharmaceutical and medical/scientific instrument fields, served as president and technical expert in an independent computer consulting firm for many years, and taught 20 years in universities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, and Europe. Since "retiring," he has done consulting, speaking, and writing (4 books & several peer-reviewed papers). He has made presentations across the US and on most continents.

    ____Please remove this if forwarding to anyone likely to misconstrue ID with creationism__

    Science Integrity deals only with science, describing my background, books, and secular presentations in which the Bible or promoting religious doctrine would be inappropriate. The books and secular presentations break down the intellectual barriers that prevent seeing the reality of design. Unfortunately, many people (especially scientists) dismiss out-of-hand any evidence that has any religious implications. I don’t try to hide my Christianity, but I don’t advertise it for a purely secular presentation since the evidence (being purely science) presented does not depend on my faith. Christian-based presentations can include:

  5. Science Every Christian Needs to Know: not overly technical ( is 10-min excerpt)
  6. Amazing Scientific Insights of the Bible (highlighting many different disciplines)
  7. Creation vs. Evolution: What are the Scientific Facts?
  8. The Biblical Basis for Studying Science
  9. My Bible-based Website ( and presentations (e.g., with all 6 parts, starting with go beyond empirical science to explain beliefs and the reasons for those beliefs. As I've pointed out to Christian audiences, if I could prove that the God of the Bible is the Designer or Programmer, faith would be unnecessary since the Christian God would be proven scientific fact. My ministry to Christians is meant to build up the Saints and equip them to teach their children and defend their faith in an intellectually satisfying and scientifically-based manner, as well as increasing one’s confidence that the Bible is truly amazing in its scientific insights. Several churches have had me do a sermon on the Biblical basis for studying science, followed by an evening session on "Amazing Scientific Insights of the Bible."

    Although I prefer presenting ID in secular venues, I have used churches or Christian schools since it’s really hard to gain access to venues similar to a secular university. I have had presentations arranged by Christian professors that have been well received. One outreach technique that has proved effective is to have a purely secular ID presentation to which skeptics and unbelievers are invited, followed (perhaps the following evening) by "Amazing Scientific Insights of the Bible" to describe who I believe the Designer is and why.

    If you have questions, email Many blessings, and thanks!



Books available

See the following sites for more information.

The "Programming of Life" book highlights the proven fact that every cell has thousands of interacting computers reading billions of bits of digital information, including implementation of extremely complex digital computer programs.  Microsoft founder Bill Gates has written "Human DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software we've ever created" [The Road Ahead]. Can you imagine how believable it would be if someone were to suggest that the Windows 7 operating system just arose by natural processes? 




Evolution, species, and "kinds" (session 4) from Don Johnson on Vimeo.


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